Plastic and Rubber parts

Plastic and Rubber parts, plastic injection process making part through injection tooling, which is suitable for mass production and easy to meet customers various demands; 

The common materials used for plastic and rubber parts are ABS, ABS + GF, POM, PA, PE etc. as our company located in Ningbo where has reputation for plastic city in the world, it can provide best competitive price to you. 

We has more than 10 years of tooling making expertise for custom plastic injection parts, High precision tooling design and manufacturing  ability and skills ensure high quality of plastic and rubber parts, competitive price and best ETD.

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Paiyan is a professional Plastic and Rubber parts manufacturers and factory in China. Our factory have high quality Plastic and Rubber parts for you to design. Welcome to customized and design products from our factory, we will provide you with a low price, discount pricelist.