• Copper terminal material is generally copper, brass or phosphor bronze car system, the appearance of the product is a spatula round head, the top side is fixed on the screw edge, the end of the wire and cable copper core after peeling, varieties are divided into oil blocking type and pipe pressure type.


  • A copper terminal is a piece of metal enclosed in insulating plastic with holes at one or both ends to allow a wire to be inserted.


  • The standards of the precision metal parts processing industry are very strict, and there are different processes such as cutting in and cutting out during the processing.


  • It has been nearly a hundred years since the invention of the copper terminal. From the earliest combined terminal to the various plug-in, direct-welded, fence, spring-type terminals and even bare terminals, it has been perfect in the connector field. The electrical interface technology system.


  • Copper terminal is a kind of connector, which comes into being for convenient wire connection. It is usually composed of insulation parts, conductive parts, welding feet, etc., and for spring type terminals, there are also shrapnel.


  • Die casting is a special type of casting. By pouring molten or semi-molten metal into the pressure chamber of the die-casting machine, under the action of high pressure, the molten metal is filled into the cavity of the die-casting mold at high speed, and the molten or semi-molten metal is cooled under high pressure A high-efficiency and high-efficiency precision casting method to obtain castings by solidification.