• The terminal block is a kind of connector, which was born to facilitate the connection of wires.


  • Copper Lugs Application


  • The raw material used in this project included: Carbon steel, stainless steel, Copper etc. It processed with EDM wire cutting, lathe, CNC milling, drilling, tapping, welding and final assembly.


  • The copper terminal is a piece of metal sealed inside the insulating plastic. One end or both ends have holes for inserting the wires, and some are used for fastening or loosening by screws, such as two wires, sometimes need to be connected, and sometimes need to be disconnected. At this point, you can connect them with the terminals and disconnect them at any time without having to solder them or entangle them, which is convenient and quick.


  • What is the reason why the aluminum profile is light and black when it is black at normal temperature? How to deal with it? - Ningbo Paiyan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd ​The reason: 1 black time short profile oxidation, residue on the parts; 2 solution acidity is low; 3 The composition of the solution is out of proportion.


  • On June 5th Ningbo Paiyan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd complete customized low volume orders for Borgwarner. The products are processed with CNC machining, turning, grinding, wire EDM, etc. And the material are brass, #45 steel, SKD-11, sintered-carbide. They are components for high precision requirement of automation equipment parts. Thanks for our esteemed customer placing the orders with us.